Animals of the Zoo de Paris, a park in Paris, is a very special organism is exposed to the public. It has a yellow colour, and eats without a mouth, it moves without legs, it kind of looks like a fungus, but behaves like an animal. In the war? And so do we.

The ‘binary large object’ is a slimy, single-celled organism with the scientific name ‘Phusarum polycephalum was. A bit difficult to pronounce, so it became the body is a nickname short: the blob, the sci-fi film with an unknown creature in a small town ends up there and everyone and everything wants to eat her.

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No more fear from a city, will destroy the organism does not do. However, if you have a lot of patience, you see, the organism may still be moving at a rate of one inch per hour. “Four inches when he’s with sprint,” said the Zoo in Paris.

an Unknown type of intelligence,

all The (innocent) binary large object in Paris, which belongs to the slijmzwammen, and now consists of more than 720 families. In addition, the organism can self-heal, after it has, for example, in a two-cut. The blob has to do, in terms of appearance of what is thought to be a fungus, but it is still in a class of its own.“It is one of the great mysteries of nature’, says Bruno David, director of the Museum of Natural History in Paris, france.

So, the blob is intelligent enough to make its way out of a maze to find it. “It is surprising how it is not a brain, yet still be able to do. If you have two blobs, for example, into one of his acquired knowledge on to others.” This means that the blob is to collect information, but also to send “a Surprising behavior for anything that a mushroom appears.

No wonder that biologists have such a fascination with treasure for the whole body. Up to now, the Phusarum polycephalum is still regarded as an unknown form of intelligence.