Nicodemus of Korzennikov: what the Germans wanted to hang a deaf soldier

History 25/01/20 Nicodemus of Korzennikov: what the Germans wanted to hang a deaf soldier

Although among deaf people many wonderful workers, engineers and accountants, to serve in the army by virtue of their disabilities are not taken. However, every rule has exceptions. Deaf Nicodemus of Korzennikov in the Great Patriotic war did not just pull a soldier’s strap, but also excelled on the front line, personally destroying many Germans.

the Quiet big man

Born in 1918 on the Bank of the river Lena in the city of Kirensk, Nicodemus of Korzennikov is quite consistent with ideas about how to be a true Siberian. The boy grew up physically strong and robust and hardy. However, the life of Dima (such diminutive relatives and friends formed from the name of Nicodemus) spoils congenital disease lack of speech and hearing. To get a basic education, the guy had to go to Leningrad, where there was a special school for the deaf. At the same time Nicodemus worked as a Turner at the Leningrad shipyard. The bosses could be quite Korzennikov work “in Stakhanov”, regularly exceeding the norm by several times. However, to learn how to write deaf and dumb and did not – prevent the war.


the Komsomol in 1936, Nicodemus was a true patriot, and therefore decided to join the army as a volunteer immediately after the Nazi attack. Especially that shot Dima fine. But the military repeatedly refused to “dumb” the tall fellow, while Korzennikov not helped accidentally met with him Lieutenant. The officer reasoned that marksman will be most welcome in the created anti-sabotage detachment. Lip-reading, Nicodemus understood addressed to him the words of the commander, and thus was able to carry out orders. On June 25, 1941 Korzennikov took to the Red Army rank and file.

Physical disabilities Nicodemus turned on the merits beforehowl. Deaf arrow was not distracted by the noise, the sounds of explosions and gunfire. Sitting in the trenches and relying solely on vision, Dima, like a sniper, methodically was able to kill the infantry of the Wehrmacht, one by one.

During a RAID in the enemy rear Nicodemus of Korzennikov was captured. During the interrogation, the Germans decided that the soldier is silent due to the stubbornness. He was beaten, and then sentenced to be hanged. To escape Nicodemus managed literally at the last minute. Dropping the noose from his neck, he ran into the woods. After some time Korzennikov found among the trees of Soviet spies. Deaf again was threatened with death, according to documents Nicodemus were already killed, and his silence took over the Russian trick of a German spy. But here the case has helped – soldier identified one of his colleagues, who was a witness to the fact that Nicodemus was hit by a grenade the enemy tank.

During the brutal battle on Nevsky Piglet in the autumn of 1941 Nicodemus of Korzennikov received a concussion and a fracture of the right foot. After treatment in hospital he never came back into the army for health reasons. Until the end of the war, deaf and dumb worked in the Kuban Turner, and in Kirensk with considerable difficulty reached only in 1947. Close to that time had not looked to see Dima alive. In the hometown of Nicodemus had a job as a Turner, started a family.

“Forgotten” hero

Soviet military propaganda that created a lot of myths, a real hero, Nicodemus Korzennikov – not interested. Maybe the story of a deaf fighter “lost” among the reports of the political departments. Perhaps someone decided that “cult” legless pilot Alexei Maresyev enough about other “real people” to the Soviet reader doesn’t have to know.

Honored in the first bout, the medal “For courage” of Korzennikov was only in the 1970’s. And the General public his name became known after 5 years, when an essay about the soldier wrote the journalist Yefim Gammer. The same author subsequently published a documentary-fiction story “the Phenomenon model 1941”. In 1985, according to the informationments database “memory of the nation”, the Soviet defense Minister Sergei Sokolov in connection with the 40th anniversary of the Victory awarded Nicodemus Korzennikov Order of the Patriotic war I degree. The veteran died in 2004, he was buried in the cemetery of the village of Elizavetinskaya in Krasnodar.

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