Opponents of the klimaatbetogers have had a nepfoto was distributed to the protesters in the Australian city of Sydney is in a poor light. That report, among others, The Guardian. The photo was distributed by the lobbyists for the coal, so that does not come from Sydney, but in London, and it was taken in the month of april.

In the context of the third global klimaatstaking was yesterday in Australia, the great events take place in dozens of cities and towns. According to the organizers, more than 300,000 people in the last part of it. The big march, there were, among others, in Melbourne and Sydney.

See, Again, a viral photograph of the debris after klimaatbetoging”, but the picture was taken on the tram at Oostende

after a Couple of hours of the protest, the Australian organisation, the Australian Youth and the Coal Coalition, an image on its Facebook page, which is a park tezien is littered with debris. Klimaatactivisten were to be blamed for the mess to be left behind. The image was quickly 34.000 times, shared it, and received nearly 8,000 comments.

The photo in question, it is, however, at an earlier stage, at a park on the other side of the world. The photo was taken not from Sydney, but in London, and in april, after the end of a marijuana event in question. In Sydney, it was there yesterday, not to protest in Hyde Park, the Domain Park. The photo was taken in april of this year, we are already used to klimaatbetogers as the biggest way to put it, an action that in the London parks, it was debunked.