Near Novosibirsk the sports coach was summoned to the police for a photo on the social network

Dmitry Taratorin, coach mixed martial arts from Berdsk, called the police after he posted pictures from the open training session.

Information about it first passed in 112, but in the end it turned out that the picture was taken in 2018.

“This is purely for the memories”

— April 24 I posted a photo of 2018 in their group. On what to me down there in the comments comrade wrote: “are You the same crowd of people”. I replied, “2018”. 25 may I was summoned to the police Department, I testified on this issue. Asked me what the situation is. I explained. Say: “what happened?” It turned out that 112 the message came from a woman who complained to me. She said that I am supposed to conduct training sessions, — explained Dmitry.