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As we know, Andrei Gromyko called in the West, “Mr. no.” But Andrei Kozyrev, was nicknamed “Mr. Yes.” This is no accident: many believed the Minister, noted for its Pro-Western course, the real traitor and demanded his resignation. However, Kozyrev left office in 1996.

fitter to Minister

Andrey Vladimirovich Kozyrev was born in 1951 in Brussels. The fact that the father of the future foreign Minister was an employee of the Ministry of foreign trade of the USSR and that time was in the Belgian capital for the service required. Despite the position of Kozyrev Sr., his son after school for a few months worked for simple Turner at machine-building plant “Kommunar”. At least it says so in the newspaper “Russian politics from A to z” by Vladimir Pribylovsky. This circumstance was due to the fact that in those years for admission to the University were required work experience. Acquiring it, Kozyrev has entered the Moscow state Institute of international relations.

After obtaining a diploma of higher education and join the party Andrei Kozyrev began work in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the USSR. Almost immediately, the young assistant of the Ministry of foreign Affairs sent to the first trip to the United States. Subsequently, Andrey Vladimirovich admitted that when he was struck by the abundance of products in American stores (Alfred Koch and Peter Aven “Revolution Gaidar: the story of the reforms of the 90s first hand”). In this regard, Communist views Kozyrev then shaken. Nevertheless, he continued to move up the ladder. In 1990, Andrey Kozyrev was appointed Minister of foreign Affairs of the country.

Why “Mr. da”

foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev remained after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the coming to power of Boris Yeltsin. Then, as expressed by Leonid Mlechin in his book “Secrets of Russian diplomacy. From Gromyko to Lavrov,” Andrei Vladimirovich became the Creator of a new foreign policy. This policy was notable for its Pro-Western orientation. That is why Kozyrev versus Andrei Gromyko, who was called “mister no”, earned the nickname “Mr. Yes.” Olga Blinova, the author of the book “the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation”, was christened Andrei Kozyrev by amerikanofil.

in fact, Kozyrev argued that “in General Russian interests coincide with the us”. At the same time Andrey was convinced that the differences between the two countries to avoid will not be able, and also stated that Russia should not be tied to US, if it is detrimental to its interests. Nevertheless, representatives of the then opposition considered Andrei Kozyrev a traitor to the national interests and demanded his expulsion from the government. However, the Minister is to turn the vector of Russia’s foreign policy and failed.

After retirement

according to Yevgeny Strigin in his book “the KGB was, is and will be. FSB of the Russian Federation in Barsukov,” in the beginning of 1996, the so-called “Westerners,” to which belonged Andrei Kozyrev, was in disgrace. Andrey was dismissed. However, according to Strigin, former Minister of foreign Affairs from this is actually not affected. Kozyrev continued to enter politics as a Deputy of the State Duma. In addition, he lectured in his native MGIMO, as well as at Columbia University and at the Sorbonne. Worked Kozyrev and business: in the early 2000s, he became one of the top managers of the American company ICN Pharmaceuticals.

In connection with the last circumstance, as well as impressions, the rest of Andrei Kozyrev from visiting the United States in 1974, the fact that this country chose to stay, “Mr. Yes”, does not seem surprising. Finally Andrey moved to America in 2012 year. As claimed by the journalists of the weekly The New York Times, going on a holiday, Kozyrev settled in Miami. Together with Andrei Vladimirovich living in the United States and his wife, son and daughter from his first marriage. However, the former Minister pays attention not only to his family: he writes articles for American publications, is interviewed and reads a lot.

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