Im Funkwagen unterwegs mit den Streifenpolizisten Ronald Schüler (mit Dreitagebart) und Dirk Zollondz vom Polizeiabschnitt 21 in Berlin-Spandau, aufgenommen am 27. November 2015 für MEHR BERLIN. Foto: Kitty Kleist-Heinrich

On the night of Sunday, there was almost a collision between a motorcyclist and a police officer during a traffic check in Reinickendorf. Shortly after midnight, two plainclothes officers heard loud engine noise, the police said on Sunday. They discovered two motorcyclists who wanted to leave the Autobahn 111 at the Eichborndamm exit.

A police officer took advantage of the favorable opportunity and entered the road when the traffic light was red. With a stopping stick, he asked the two approaching motorcyclists to interrupt their journey for a check. While one of the two stopped, the other accelerated and drove towards the policeman. He could only save himself by jumping to the side and thus avoiding a collision.

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Despite the red traffic light, the fugitive drove into the intersection area, so that the cross traffic that had already approached had to brake sharply. The driver fled at excessive speed on Scharnweberstrasse in the direction of Holzhauser Strasse and ignored another red traffic light.

The emergency services initially lost sight of the motorcyclist, but then discovered him in Meteor Street – hidden behind a parked truck. As it turned out after the arrest, the man did not have a valid driver’s license.

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There was also no insurance cover for the motorcycle registered to the 24-year-old. The police confiscated the motorcycle. The young man was then able to continue on foot. Further investigations continue.