Feb. 19, 2010 - Russia - Franz Josef Land (also Franz Joseph Land or Francis Joseph s Land)...Franz Josef Land is an archipelago located in the far north of Russia. It is found in the Arctic Ocean north of Novaya Zemlya and east of Svalbard, and is administered by Arkhangelsk Oblast of Russia...Pictured: Russian soldiers of Nagursdkaya Russian Arctic military borderguard base of Franz Joseph Land guarding the area. Alexandra Island, one of 191 ice-covered islands of Franz Joseph Land.Border column (r)restricting Russia s Arctic territory in the area of responsibility of Nagursdkaya Russian Arctic military borderguard base. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY - ZUMAx01_ Feb 19 2010 Russia Franz Joseph Country Thus Franz Joseph Country or Francis Joseph S Country Franz Joseph Country IS to Archipelago Located in The Far North of Russia IT IS Found in The Arctic Ocean North of Novaya Zemlya and East of Svalbard and IS Administered by Arkhangelsk Oblast of Russia Pictured Russian Soldiers of Russian Arctic Military Base of Franz Joseph Country guarding The Area Alexandra Iceland One of 191 ICE Covered Islands of Franz Joseph Country Border Column r restricting Russia S Arctic Territory in The Area of Responsibility of Russian Arctic Military Base PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY ZUMAx01_

Russia seems to be having increasing problems recruiting new troops for the war in Ukraine. At least that’s what a report by the Finnish broadcaster Yle suggests (here in English).

According to the report, Russia has withdrawn around 100 vehicles from the Alakurtti military base, which is located near the Finnish border north of the Arctic Circle. In addition, around half of the 2,000 soldiers should no longer be in the base. A military expert quoted by Yle believes the troops have been transferred to Ukraine. Altogether it is a whole battalion. Alakurtti was probably the last military base near Finland from which no troops were sent to the war zone. The soldiers are specially trained for combat in the Arctic.

A shadow mobilization has been going on in Russia for months because Putin does not want to declare a state of war. Men are being lured to Ukraine with increasing amounts of money. Criminals are now coming straight from prison to the front. The reward if they survive: freedom. In addition, the age limit for military service was raised from 40 to 65.

Experts believe that the lack of soldiers is the greatest weakness of Russian troops in Ukraine. Observers believe that if Moscow cannot replace the thousands of dead and injured, the troop offensive will soon come to a halt.

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