At least 46 migrants suspected of being illegally brought to the United States have been found dead in the trailer of a parked truck on the outskirts of the Texas city of San Antonio. At least 16 other people, including children, were taken to a hospital with signs of heat exhaustion and apparent dehydration, city officials said at a press conference on Monday evening (local time), according to US media. San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg tweeted that the incident was a “horrific human tragedy.”

In view of the number of dead, the media spoke of one of the worst incidents related to illegal migration. The New York Times wrote that a particularly large number of people are currently trying to get to the USA from Mexico. It was initially unclear why the 46 people had died.

There was no water or air conditioning in the trailer, a refrigerated truck, San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said, according to local broadcaster News4SA. According to reports, it has been very hot in San Antonio in the past few days.

According to media reports, three people were arrested. However, it is unclear whether they are actually connected to this alleged human smuggling, News4SA quoted the city’s police chief, William McManus.

The arch-conservative governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, wrote on Twitter, citing a media report of 42 deaths and blamed President Joe Biden’s migration policy for it. “These deaths are Biden’s fault.” They are “the result of his deadly open borders policy,” Abbott said. Not enforcing the law has deadly consequences.