Style, Basic, beauty is dead. Or is it the fashion weeks. After many years of domination of control over snoetjes, and minimal make-up, if you can make upkoffers this year and will be open again. And for that, we’ll know about it.

It’s only been recently that we, in the name of a natural beauty, a lot of the contents of our travel bag in the garbage can, laid on, and now through the catwalklooks in neon and glitter. As well as in the previous year, all of them ‘no-make-up-make-up ” was the hot topic, may be this time next year so … exuberant. That we are multi-coloured chaos to them? Simple: Euphoria. The American tienerreeks –in our view Telenet’s Play, or a Play, More to do for make-up Sex and the City ‘ did for fashion. Because life is not a diagnostic tool, but it performs like one of the best. Make-up is a huge emotional load,” says Doniella Davy, the make-up artist for the show. “It may be irony to express light-heartedness, rebellion, happiness, you name it.” It is a result of his looks, which are important to the story. What’s more: they’re giving them shape and form. As young people grow up to see themselves and the world, and have more self-confidence, the make-up and more daring. This will give the make-up of the year by 2019, a new direction: no longer is it something that we can use for us to hide in, but it’s just a way of showing us who we really are. It is a form of self-expression, and just pure fun. And that’s what we see reflected in the fashion weeks. Look and feel – which clearly inspired the HBO drama, and a plethora of glitter, neon colors and graphic shapes. If you are coming soon to your dressing table is to hesitate between a neutral eye shadow, and a more courageous choice is to choose for the latter. Here you’ll find a lot of inspiration.

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