In the latest episode, Purvi is saying that these kids belong to you, but I am going to give birth to this child. Sakshi is taken back from listening to her words. Sakshi asks why this matter to her, she further asks what is the need to be surrogated. Purvi says that you gave birth to the kids when I didn’t become a part of this family and now I am also recognized as Mukhiji’s wife. She further says that this will even affect my relation with Virender and you both come close as well.
Purvi then says that it is also the necessity of time as she has to save Manas as of now. I have many reasons for doing this, she says that she has contacted the doctor as well and he says that she can be a surrogate mother. Virender comes there and Purvi tells him that the doctor asked to meet him promptly. Virender is going to the door while Purvi and Sakshi exchange a look with each other. Virender looks at them and calls Purvi to come along with him.

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Virender lauded Purvi for her idea, he says that he was in a fix before that. She says that I was in a dilemma because of Manas’ life. They have a couple of emotional words and after Purvi is about to leave when Virender holds her hand. Virender then says that he will go to Sakshi and tell her that he isn’t going to do anything without your permission. Purvi says that she saw you both together. Virender explains that it was a misunderstanding do I look like a man who can do such things. He says that Sakshi wants that I wasn’t ready.
Virender then swears to Manas and Juhi, but Purvi stops him in between and says I know how much you love me. Virender smiles and takes Purvi in her arms. Purvi then goes to the doctor along with Sakshi where the doctor tells her that Purvi has a perfect body to give birth to a child. Purvi asks when will the process begin, The doctor then explains to him the complete procedure. Virender says that he can’t believe that Purvi can go to this extent just to save Manas. Tune in to Colors at 10 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest Molkki Written Update.