History 16/02/20 Mole “Bourbon”, who was the main traitor of the Soviet intelligence

This “mole” for his twenty-five treacherous activity for a foreign intelligence service gave the FBI and the CIA over a thousand GRU agents. It is believed that the cooperation with Western intelligence agencies, General Polyakov has pushed the death three son – Main intelligence Directorate of the “clamped” $ 400 for surgery child and it became for Dmitry Fedorovich big blow.

he was a scout from the war

the early career of the future traitor was quite successful – D. F. Poles after school he studied at the artillery school, fought from the first day of the great Patriotic war. Fought, according to the order of the Patriotic war and red Star, with dignity. Demobilized as a major, the last place of service – razvedochnaya of staff of the army. In 1942, the Poles joined the party.
After the war, D. F. Polyakov studied at the Frunze Academy, the courses of the General staff, after which he was sent to serve in the GRU.

Why prospective specialist went for it

up To 60-ies of the officer of Main intelligence Directorate worked in America in the representation of the Soviet Union Military staff Committee of the United Nations. From Polyakov fell ill three-month-old son had to do an emergency operation that cost $ 400. Not having this amount, Dmitri wanted to take it from the resident GRU I. A. Sklyarov. But the contact Centre and received “top-down” failure. The boy died as a result.
Historians intelligence agencies believe that an ardent Stalinist Poles wanted to annoy the regime of Khrushchev, debunked the cult of the “father of Nations” and his son’s death only catalyzed the process of betrayal.

whom, and to Whom he gave

it is believed that the first step to betrayal D. F. Poles made in November 1961, having been an FBI officer with a proposal for cooperation. Scout by the time he was Deputy resident GRU for illegal work in America. First, the Poles passed the internal US intelligence, few cryptographers who worked undercover in the Soviet missions in America.
Federal Bureau of investigation “mole” GRU worked under the pseudonym of “Tophat” (in English “cylinder”). Two weeks after the first contact with the FBI took place the second, more “productive” – the Poles gave up almost 50 of their colleagues and agents of the KGB, in force at the time in America. Subsequently, the traitor leaked the us intelligence information about illegal agents of the Soviet intelligence, told one of them recruitable. He passed secret documents that were later used as training manuals in the FBI.
Less than a year after beginning work for the FBI D. F. Poles began to cooperate with the CIA.

Double Bourbon

so Under the pseudonym of Poles since the beginning of June 1962 he worked for the CIA. Meanwhile, his career in the GRU has grown rapidly. The mole was in charge of the intelligence apparatus of intelligence services in new York and Washington. Visiting Moscow, the Poles passed on secret documents and valuable data through caches. Thus he helped smuggle to the West, a telephone directory of a military General staff and his own organization.
When one of the American Newspapers in the publication, telling about the trial of those who issued the Poles, mentioned about him, the GRU officer in America stopped to let. In the future, “the mole” was engaged in the organization and control of residency at the Afro-Asian direction, in the 70-ies he worked in India, taught at the Military diplomatic Academy.

As he was exposed

after retirement in 1980, the Poles continued to work in the personnel Directorate of the GRU as freelance and for another 6 years did not stop regularly to put the CIA’s secret information and now have access.
Reveal it managed with the help of one of the American “mole” in the CIA, recruited by Soviet intelligence. In July 1986 Polyakov were arrested, tried and sentenced to capital punishment. In the early spring of 1988, the “mole” was shot. Said in may of the same year for Polyakov Gorbachev asked Reagan himself. But the US President was late for two months.
it is Estimated that over a quarter of a century of his betrayal of the Poles gave Western intelligence a total of more than 20 boxes of secret documents and handed over more than 1,600 agents of the Soviet secret police.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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