21.07.2022, Berlin: Der Ein- und Ausgang des Sommerbades Neukölln am Columbiadamm ist mit Gittern und Absperrband geregelt. Nach Ausschreitungen verstärkt die Polizei den Schutz für Besucher und Wachpersonal. Vor dem Bad wurde eine mobile Wache eingerichtet. (zu dpa: «Nach Schlägerei im Columbiabad: Polizei richtet mobile Wache ein») Foto: Julia Kilian/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The police are still present after riots in Neukölln’s Columbiabad with eleven injured people on Tuesday evening. The officers of the mobile guard set up in front of the pool on Thursday were also on duty on Friday, said a police spokeswoman. The search for several attackers from Columbiabad continues, there is still no new status.

On Thursday, the police had activated a witness portal for information, photos or observations of the crime. A tip was received by late Friday morning, the spokeswoman said.

Eleven people were injured in a violent conflict between bathers and employees at the outdoor pool on Columbiadamm. According to the police, a group of about 12 people were expelled from the pool because of a fight, but returned an hour later with pistols and tear gas and purposefully attacked the pool guards.

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