Student Timothy Straussinsky has been missing since Saturday morning. In the night from Friday to Saturday (July 29/30, 2022), he wanted to take an Uber taxi from his student residence in the Lichterfelder Goerzallee to Treptower Park at Bulgarische Straße 20 at around 3:30 a.m. He was traveling alone and got out after 100 meters for previously unknown reasons. The Uber driver told the police.

Timothy is 1.73m tall, 22 years old, slim build, wears green glasses and has medium length black hair. On Saturday morning he wore a beige baseball cap, a black T-shirt with a heron pattern on the back and black trousers. He studies chemistry at the Free University of Berlin.

On Friday evening he was in the Neukölln pub “Bechereck” (Okerstraße 35, 12049 Berlin) and from there he made his way to his dorm in Lichterfelde at around 1:00 a.m. Then he wanted to drive to Treptower Park. Before the Uber driver told the police that Straussinsky had already got out after 100 meters, they searched for the student in Treptower Park with sniffer dogs on Wednesday afternoon. A location was also unsuccessful, his mobile phone has not been available since Saturday morning.

Timothy had booked a train ticket to Bonn for Saturday morning. But nobody has seen him there either. Now the police are investigating.

If anyone has seen or spoken to Timothy Straussinsky, please report any leads to the police:

Police Department Directorate 4 Section 46


(File number: 230731 -1230-401145)

Most recently, in June, a case in Treptower Park caused a stir when a man wanted to cross the Spree and went under while swimming in the river. The fire brigade was in action with 40 forces, but they could not save him. He died. The fire brigade warns against swimming alone in such waters.