After the disappearance of an infant in Leipzig, it was apparently found in Brandenburg. The approximately one-month-old boy was tracked down there by officials together with the alleged perpetrator, who comes from Brandenburg, as a police spokeswoman in Leipzig said on Friday. According to the first findings, the child was well and had been handed over to the rescue service.

After the child’s disappearance, a police spokeswoman in Leipzig initially announced a public search. Investigated on suspicion of kidnapping minors. It was therefore searched for, among other things, with dogs and numerous police forces after the baby.

The approximately one-month-old boy disappeared in a shopping center in the Gohlis district on Thursday afternoon. According to the police spokeswoman, the pram with the baby was “briefly” given to a woman, who then disappeared with the baby. The woman is “no stranger” to the child’s family. The police did not give any further details. However, the spokeswoman did not want to speak of a kidnapping. “The child was not violently snatched away, and there are no demands either,” she said. According to the information, police forces, including riot police and federal police, were increasingly involved in the search. A dog unit had already been deployed on Thursday evening and was to be put on the trail again on Friday.