Mini-football. The Russian team will play with Azerbaijani team

In the Old world started the elite round of qualification for the world championship on mini-football (Futsal), which will be held in Lithuania in September 2020. Team Russia in the first match of group “C” that competes in Croatia, defeated the team of Slovakia, and the second round will play against the Futsal players of Azerbaijan.

opening match was quite easy for Russian Futsal players. Only in his early rivals tried to get some counterplay, but after Antoshkin and Davydov made the score 2:0, the defense of the Slovak national team crumbled. We also scored Robinho Niyazov, Lima (twice) and the same Antoshkin, who also provided the reserves.

At the end of the tournament the winning team will progress straight to the final of the Futsal World Cup 2020 and the national team, which took second place, will play under the playoff selection in Europe. In a parallel match, the home team has defeated Azerbaijan 2:0. Most likely, the Russians with the Croats will win the championship.