Mini-football. Kazakhstan and Spain will play in World Cup-2020

In the Old world, ended the match of the elite round qualifying competitions for the world championship on mini-football (Futsal), which will be held in September of this year in Lithuania. Directly to the final part came out two teams – Spain and Kazakhstan.

As previously reported Вести.Ru earlier the finalists were the teams from Russia and Portugal, and the national teams of Croatia and Finland, taking the second places in groups, will have to play in round of the playoffs the continental selection. Now “direct” the finalists were four.

the Spaniards without problems won the tournament in group “b”, consistently beating rivals from France (3:1), Ukraine (3:1) and Serbia (5:1). In turn, the Serbs in the fundamental duel for second place defeated the Ukrainians (5:2), not giving them a chance to play in the final.

the Tournament in group D was the most unpredictable. Here reputed to be “paper” favorites of the representatives of Kazakhstan at the start, unexpectedly lost to team Russia (1:3). In the future, our Eastern neighbors defeated Slovenia (4:3) and Czech Republic (5:2), becoming the winners of the group. The Czechs remain second, but the Romanians missed his chance, playing at the finish in a draw (4:4) with outsiders Slovenia.

now, from Europe in the finals of the world Cup will play 5 teams, including the team of the host of the tournament: Lithuania, Russia, Portugal, Spain and Kazakhstan. In the round of the playoffs meet Serbia – Finland and Croatia – Czech Republic which will determine the two participants in the finals of the World Cup in 2020.