Milety Zykov: how a Jew became a

Biography 24/12/19 Milety Zykov: how a Jew became a “propaganda mouthpiece” of the Vlasov

the Russian liberation army of General Vlasov was created with the direct participation of Nazi command, and therefore, was not free from the ideas of anti-Semitism. In this regard, the surprising destiny of Militia (Meletios) Zykov – Jew, skillfully hid their origin and managed to run for a first role in the Vlasov movement.

“Independent buharina”

Andrei Vlasov first met Militiam by Zykov in September 1942, being together with him at the headquarters of the Russian employees of the Department of military propaganda. It was a kind of “branch” pow camp, located in Berlin, Viktoriastrasse, 10. Zykov told himself: he is an ideological Marxist, comrade Nikolai Bukharin, worked in TASS and the newspaper “Socialist agriculture”. In December 1942, Milety Zykov had a hand in the text of a famous Smolensk Declaration of General Vlasov. And in 1943-44 the years has established itself as a leading ideologue of the Vlasov movement, having occupied the position of head of the propaganda Department of the Russian Committee. In 1944, the journalist was promoted to major ROA. Zykov edited the newspaper “dawn” and “Fighting the way”, published there, in Viktoriastrasse. However, his attempts to cast the Vlasov movement on “Bukharin’s platform” failed.

the Behavior Zykov against the Germans remained emphatically independent, and at times, as recalled by witnesses, even “rude”. Over time, among Vlasov spread rumors of Jewish origin Zykov. This information came to the Nazis. In the summer of 1944, the Germans invited the promoter to talk to the hotel in the town of Wuppertal. From there, Zykov has not returned. The investigator of the Gestapo, Josef Daddio after the war told me that Zykov was arrested as a Soviet spy, and although it was not proved, he was executed in Sachsenhausen. According to the historian Cyril Alexandrov, German captain von Grotto, close to the Russian Committee considered the elimination of Zykova “reprisal for his Jewish origins by the Gestapo and Russian Nazis”.

the Truth about the origin

Detailed biography of Militia Zykov was reconstructed only in 2013-2015 effort the Germany researchers Igor Petrov and Gabriel Superfina who spent a lot of time in archives.
Ally do Vlasov passport was Militiam Aleksandrovich Zykov, however, this was not the first of his name. The future journalist was born on 14 Feb 1898 to a Jewish family in Ekaterinoslav, and at birth was named Emil Izrailevich of Argo. Subsequently, his mother, Anna Aptekman, adopted Orthodoxy, and at the age of 12, was baptized and her son. The boy was named Meletios Alexandrovich. During the Civil war the young man became known as Nikolai Mikhailovich Aptekman. He managed to war for the Reds, and for whites, which in 20-e years ran into trouble.

the Problems were solved the usual way – change of name and surname. Becoming Militiam by Zykov in 1932 in the questionnaire journalist signed “Zykov-Bright”. Zykov did not possess the typical “Semitic” appearance, and to give his true nationality would have taken his own reservations. Prisoner tricked the Germans and other aspects of the biography. He worked in the newspaper “Izvestia” with Bukharin, and was, essentially, an ordinary Soviet journalist. To the front Zykov went private in March 1942 and in July was captured. Through newspaper experience Milety Alexandrovich was well versed in the economy, and managed to impress the Germans.

didn’t know about the true origin of Zykova General Vlasov. Note that the position of the General-traitor to the “Jewish question” was a topic of discussion. On the one hand, the leaflets ROA 1943-44, met regularly cliches of anti-Semitic propaganda – “Jewish elites”, the “Jewish Bolshevism”, “the world of the Jewsabout”. On the other hand, it could be nothing more than a tactical concession to the Germans. Eloquently describes the situation the opinion of the employee of the Ministry of propaganda, Dr. Taubert, who complained to Goebbels that the Vlasov movement “is not fighting against Judaism and does not recognize the Jewish question.”

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