Oud-Heverlee, Oud-Heverlee is the last weekend of a champion of yours. The 14-year-old Striker christophe Coppens, it was in Genk, the Belgian champion will go on to the so-called Rotax Junior. That earned him a ticket to the world cup, which is at the end of October in Italy is expected to take place. Milan is looking ahead. “I can see that world cup win. However, I’m not alone”, sounds self-assured.

14-year-old Striker appears to have a bright future before him. “About four years ago, I visited a friend at an open house, a place where we can be with the four-stroke cycle, indoor go-karting. He liked me a lot, and I’m almost immediately in the sport began. In the beginning, I was all the way in the back, but after a year, I had a brand new team and a new engineer, so all of a sudden I in front of reed,” says Milan.

in the Meantime, the Striker is the top-of-Belgium-in his age group. Can a father have than to be proud of. “Milan has a lot of talent. But most of all, he amuses himself while go-karting. Therefore, the key is I have to be go-kart, because it is cheap, isn’t it. You should be sure that the chassis, with the motor, however, is more than a couple of thousands of euros. To do that, times two, because you’ve got a go-kart for races and one for training. If you have then you know that the competitiekart each and every year you will need to be replaced, and the oefenkart at the age of two years, you should know that this is an expensive hobby,” said dad, Chris.