Mikhail Yeltsin: what is known about the native brother of the former President of Russia

Biography 31/01/20 Mikhail Yeltsin: what is known about the native brother of the former President of Russia

Even the closest relatives of Boris Yeltsin, at least during the life of the President, very little was known. Perhaps this fact is explained by the fact that Yeltsin, according to Alexander Khinshtein, was not at all peculiar sense of kinship. And Yeltsin’s security chief Alexander Korzhakov claimed that the younger brother of the head of the country he never saw.

In the footsteps of his father and brother

according to Alexander Afanasiev, author of the book “Man and what he has done,” unlike his older brother, Boris, Mikhail Nikolayevich Yeltsin was born in the Urals, in Kazan. The fact that the capital of Tatarstan parents Boris and Mikhail Yeltsin moved when the head of the family Nikolay Ignatievich enlisted in the construction of an aircraft factory. However, there is Yeltsin, Sr. worked for a short time as soon as he was convicted of anti-Soviet propaganda. From the camp he was released early. To his wife and son, Boris, Nikolai Ignatievich returned at the end of 1936, a few months later came to light Michael. Almost immediately after his birth Yeltsin decided to return home.

In school, the brothers went in the birch forests of the Perm region. Received a certificate, Boris Yeltsin, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, he entered the construction faculty of Ural Polytechnic Institute. Followed by his elder brother in the same University and the same faculty of applied and Michael. However, the latter soon dropped out. As written by Boris Minayev’s book, “Yeltsin”, he said the future President: “you, the engineers, the salary is such that I’m in construction, earn more”. Higher education Mikhail Yeltsin really did not received the rest of his life worked at various construction sites of Sverdlovsk ordinary worker.

Occupied by the President

Boris Yeltsin, too, has dedicated many years of his life StroitelTSS. However, the brothers of the profession, it seems, not combined. According to Alexander Hinstein, the author of the book “Yeltsin, the Kremlin: a case history”, Boris Yeltsin, apparently, was alien to the sense of kinship. Settled in Moscow, the head of the country never visited Michael. This fact was confirmed by the head of presidential protection Alexander Korzhakov. At least Korzhakov never seen Mikhail Yeltsin. It is noteworthy that Boris and Mikhail were still sister Valentine, who caught the eye of Korzhakov only twice. Thus, according to Hinstein, Boris in a rush of feelings can start to cuddle with his driver.

meanwhile, Mikhail Yeltsin brother was offended. He justified the lack of attention to his person from the Boris of his employment. Himself Mikhail Yeltsin naively tried to help a relative. One day he heard on TV that Boris Nikolaevich and Naina forced to dig potatoes, and sent to the capital two bags of tubers from ten collected in their own garden. That’s just Yeltsin a gift from Michael refused. But he re-whitewash loved ones, saying that those were simply having a good year. General Mikhail Nikolayevich always worried for his brother. He always was bad if the press found article with criticism of the Russian leader.

the Disease of parents and their own ailments

No less troubling Mikhail Yeltsin’s cause and the health status of the parents. In 1972, Nikolay Ignatievich had a stroke, which paralyzed him. Yes, and Klavdiya Vasilyevna already managed to acquire ailments. According to Nikolay Zenkovich, the author of the book “the Most secret relatives” Mikhail took the father and mother from the village of Butka to yourself to Sverdlovsk. It is noteworthy that Mikhail Yeltsin did this despite the fact that his living space left much to be desired: he himself lived in a Studio apartment. However, Boris Minaev writes that Boris is about give birthLyah did not forget and came to visit them every summer, at least while they lived in the village.

anyway, at the end of life, already having lost her husband, Klavdiya Vasilyevna really moved to the eldest son in Moscow. This fact mentions in his book “Russian hell” and Andrey Karaulov. However, Michael remained in Ekaterinburg. Special wealth to save him failed. Over many years of work in the construction Mikhail Yeltsin scraped together only a car “Lada” Yes to modest suburban area. According to Zenkovich, country house, Mikhail Nikolaevich was the size of a four by two and a half meters. Although with age, Yeltsin began to visit the cottage often: he also, as President, had heart problems. In addition, the younger brother of the head of the country in 2008 suffered a stroke. And in February 2009, Mikhail Yeltsin did not.

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