Captain Jennifer Dowker stated that it was her first ever message in a bottle.

Jennifer Dowker, a boat captain, saw a small green container at the bottom in the Cheboygan River. She thought it might be useful for a potential client who was interested in scuba diving.

She didn’t know that she was finding something that would appeal to more than one client.

Dowker is also the owner of Nautical North Family Adventures. They offer shipwreck tours in Michigan and scuba diving lessons. Dowker is the owner of Nautical North Family Adventures, which offers shipwreck tours and scuba diving lessons in Cheboygan, Michigan.

Fox News reported Dowker that she has a lot of glass bottles, and even a collection. However, she hadn’t found a message inside a bottle until last Wednesday.

Dowker stated that he initially thought it was just another bottle. However, after I lifted it off the fish bed, it became clear that it had a paper in it. Dowker shared his thoughts with Fox.

Dowker stated that she went back to the boat to share the news with her first mate, and to show it to the client who was diving.

Dowker gave the bottle, which contained about two-thirds of water, to her first mate. She then removed the cork. Dowker stated that they had difficulty removing the paper from their bottle so Dowker used a pick to preserve the bottle.

Dowker stated, “Once it was read, we were all shocked.” “We were amazed, it was the greatest find of our lives.”

Dowker shared photos of the note on social media. They show that the note was dated November 19, 1926.

It stated: “Will the person finding this bottle return this paper George Morrow, Cheboygan (Michigan) and tell where it was located?”

Dowker stated that the name Morrow was quite common in the area. She figured that if Dowker posted a photo of the note with the bottle on Facebook, she would be able to locate the letter-writer quickly.

Dowker’s phone exploded with leads and suggestions within a matter of days.

Dowker, a single mother to three teenager boys, was not sure how she would find the time to search.

Dowker’s mystery was solved by her instead.

Fox reported that Dowker received a call on Father’s Day from Michele Primeau. reports states that Primeau’s father was George Morrow. He died in 1995.

Dowker stated that Dowker was impressed by her emotional state. Dowker stated, “It’s obvious she’s his daughter, as she has a diary he kept, so she had his handwriting samples and it’s typical for something her father would do.”

Dowker continued, “Apparently he put bottles into the water and placed notes on walls…he was just sentimental as that.”

Dowker stated that Primeau requested Dowker and her team to hold the treasure in a shadowbox with a photo from Primeau’s father, which will be accompanied by a photo of Primeau from 1926.

Dowker stated that all will be on display at Nautical Nord Family Adventures in order to “keep his memory alive”.