Michel Nihoul, has passed away. That has to be a partner, Marleen De Cokere, confirmed to Le Soir . He was 78 years of age. The state of health of the man, whose name will forever be connected, it will continue to be the case, He was in the last couple of weeks has deteriorated. He would have been a couple of days in the hospital in a minute.

Nihoul was one of the names in the file-He. He was found not guilty for involvement in the kidnapping of the children, but received a prison sentence of five years for trafficking in narcotics, and bendevorming. He came up in 2006, is released.

ever Since then, he lived in an apartment in Zeebrugge, belgium, with his friend, Marleen De Cokere. In the last few years were in the seventies, with his health, and he remained, for various reasons, several times in the hospital.