Michael Morozov: how Russian has created the worst intelligence Agency of Romania

Biography 22/12/19 Michael Morozov: how Russian has created the worst intelligence Agency Romania

When it comes to the most feared intelligence agencies in history is often no mention of the NKVD, the Stasi, the Gestapo. Meanwhile, hardness, and crafty methods they can compete “the intelligence service was very active” — the secret information service of the Kingdom of Romania. Her “father” was Michael Morozov – a former police informant of Russian origin, whom historians have given the nickname “Romanian Wilhelm Canaris”.

Ambitious agent

Mikhail Morozov born in the village Sarikei near the mouth of the Danube in 1887 (according to others, in 1890), in the family of an Orthodox priest. According to one version, his father and mother came from the Russian-Lipovans, the other of the Cossacks Danubian Sich (former Cossacks).

Morozov could not boast of erudition – behind him there were only three class village school. But he had a retentive memory and, according to various sources, spoke Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Turkish and Tatar languages.

In 1909 Morozov became an agent of the Royal police, helping to identify unreliable entities. Ambitious and confident young man quickly rose through the ranks, and aided by his merits on the battlefields of the First world war. After the revolution in Russia Morozov led a Service of information and security in Dobrogea – the key terms of the foreign policy province of the Kingdom. Among his most notable operations was the kidnapping of the chief of German military intelligence on the Black sea Friedrich von Meyer.

Head of the “intelligence service”

In 1924, Michael Morozov created and headed the secret information service of the Romanian army – “the intelligence service was very active”.

Thanks to the Russian roots of the head of the intelligence services have successfully coped with one of the major problems with desertions of Slavs from the army. Great importance had and neutralization Morozovym wiles Sovetskwow the GPU, which is planned to flood Romania with fake money and thereby undermine its economy. “The intelligence service was very active” is not behind the Soviet KGB in the degree of use of technical methods of collecting information. Another tool Morozova there were intrigues and scandals. The chief “intelligence service” had in their hands the dirt on all the leading politicians of Romania, including future dictator, General ion Antonescu.

because of the conflict with the Director of intelligence by Romulus Vernescu 20 years Morozov was for some time dismissed, but returned in the early 1930-ies, when occurred the restoration of the power of king Carol II. Personal trust of the monarch Morozov secured in 1934 when he saved the king from assassination, organized by Colonel Victor Prakopau. Becoming the trusted person of Karol, Russian chief of intelligence service was performed for him and orders an intimate nature. For example, he withdrew in Paris pornographic postcards with images of Royal mistress Magda Lupescu.

the Death Morozova

Despite the success of the “intelligence service”, the position of her head in the ruling circles of Romania was quite shaky. For example, Morozova do not have a relationship with the head of the Royal police Eugenol Cristescu. In addition, the head of the “intelligence service” dared to criticize a policy of Bucharest in Bessarabia, the former Russian province annexed by Romania in 1918. According to Morozova, Romanian officials only care about personal enrichment, but not on the development of the province.

Finally, Morozov, supporting the king, came into conflict with the Romanian right-wing movement “the Legion of the Archangel Michael (Iron guard”). There is a version that on the initiative Morozova in 1938, had been killed the leaders of jeleznovodask, including little remake of an Corneliu Codreanu.

the Peak of influence “of the intelligence service” account for the years 1938-40. At this time Morozov established contacts with the German Abwehr in order to protect the interests of Romania in world war II. But his own days were numbered. After the arrival of foreigners to power in September 1940 Morozova and his Deputy Stefanescu was arrested and imprisoned in the jail of Jilava. In the “best traditions” of totalitarian regimes the head of the “intelligence service” was declared a “spy of the NKVD.”

November 23, 1940, Marshal ion Antonescu signed the Protocol of accession of Romania to Hitler’s Tripartite Pact. A few days later, on November 26-27 hands of legionaries were killed, 65 of the leading figures of the old regime, including Morozov. His body count 11 5 bullet and bayonet wounds. Besides “Iron guard” could not forgive Morozova national origin. The leader of the legionaries of Horia SIMA contemptuously spoke of “Slavic-Mongol” roots Morozova. Meanwhile, the job of head of the “intelligence service” nobody would call ineffective. This is evidenced by the fact that structured efforts Morozova intelligence network was preserved even during the Soviet Union’s control over the territory.

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