Michael Meanders: the fate of the traitor, who became the successor of General Vlasov

History 04/02/20 Michael Meanders: the fate of the traitor, who became the successor of General Vlasov

As you know, recognized as a traitor Andrey Vlasov was captured in may 1945. After the disappearance of the Vlasov Russian Liberation movement was headed by Mikhail Meanders. He hoped that the allies will give him and his companions shelter. Meander assured American authorities that he did not help the Germans, but only fought against the Soviet power.

Before world war

Michael A. Meander was born in 1894 in Moscow. His father was a priest and served in the Metropolitan Church of St. Chariton. According to Joachim Hoffman, author of the book “Vlasov against Stalin. The tragedy of the Russian liberation army. 1944-1945”, and later, namely, 1932, Meander Sr. was arrested and died in exile. Michael himself even in his youth, chose the military profession. In 1913, he graduated from Alekseevskoe infantry school. In the First world war Meanders received the title of captain. And in 1918 he was drafted into the ranks of the workers-peasants red army.

In the Civil war Meandrou visit did not have a chance, but for participation in the Russo-Finnish war, he, according to Oleg Smyslov, the author of the book “Cursed legions. Traitors in the service of Hitler”, was even awarded the order the red Star. Before the attack on the USSR Hitler’s Germany in 1941, Mikhail taught at the Kremlin infantry school tactics. At the same time, Meander was appointed chief of staff of the 37th infantry corps. 25 July 1941, that is, a few days after the beginning of the great Patriotic war Mikhail Meanders became Deputy chief of staff and chief of operations of the 6th army.

Captured and ROA

However, in the above-mentioned positions of the Meanders did not stay long. The fact that at the end of July – beginning of August 1941, the 6th army was surrounded near Uman and factsvirtually was destroyed by the enemy. However, the survivors, among whom was the Colonel of Meanders, trying to break through the encirclement. If you believe Oleg Nordine, author of the book “Uman “pot”. The tragedy of the 6th and 12th armies” himself Michael A. claimed to participated in break of not more than 4 thousand soldiers. Nuzhdin writes that Meanders stated that during the interrogation after he was captured by the enemy.

for Some time the Germans threw Michael Meandrov from one pow camp to another. It is noteworthy that, according to Nikolay Konyaev on the pages of his book “the Two faces of General Vlasov: the life, the legend”, only one and a half years of captivity Meander has managed to become a member of three political organizations. In the end, the captain moved to the camp located in the Polish city of Radom, where he joined the National labour Union, and after the Russian liberation army under command of Vlasov. Shortly before the end of the war Meanders received the rank of General and became head of the school of the armed forces Committee of liberation of the peoples of Russia.

Hope for Americans and the sentence of the court

As he admitted himself Meander, whose words are quoted in the book by Kirill Alexandrov “the Army of General Vlasov. 1944-1945”, to escape from the camp, he was not going to, because I thought such behaviour shameful. Michael A. thought must share the fate of members of the Russian liberation movement, which he headed after the disappearance of Andrei Vlasov. As you know, Vlasov was captured by Soviet troops 12 may 1945, but Meanders voluntarily surrendered to the Americans 3 days before. He hoped that the allies would shelter him and the other “liberators”. Turning to the American authorities, Meander insisted that it did not help the Germans, as opposed to the then existing in the USSR political system.

Despite the claims and hopes of Mikhail Alekseevich, he was sent home in February 1946. After learning about the results, Meanders tried to commit suicide but he did not. Soon he stood before a Soviet court. Successor Vlasov, however, as the rest of the traitors, pleaded guilty. However, this circumstance did not facilitate the participation of the former head of the ROD. How to write Vitaly Dymarsky and Vladimir Ryzhkov, in his book “blank spots of the Second world”, Michael Meander was sentenced to death. August 1, 1946, he was put to death in the courtyard of the Butyrka prison.

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