To travel to The Uk-based parent company of Thomas Cook, has just gone out of business or on e-bay to dive for the first memorabilia on it. A blanket that was handed out at the final flight, and a coffee mug with the logo of the company or of a scale model of one of the planes, they are offered in a range of amounts that all add up to a few hundreds of dollars.

It was early Monday morning, the news came out that Thomas Cook, the UK was bankrupt. For an estimate of 9,000 jobs in the event of bankruptcy of the oldest travel company in the world, and used by some 150,000 passengers were stuck at their holiday destinations.

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It did Monday not long before the first family memorabilia from the estate company’s for sale on e-bay, and today it went on, the demand is still strong. It’s going to be a wide variety of items. Posters of airplanes, pens, pins, a bag, an iPad, and it even has a blanket and that, according to the seller, the seller went on to be one of the last flights operated by Thomas Cook. That last one is a 35 euro price.

also, There are stuffed animals in the offering, and coffee mugs. On the more expensive items in some of the models of Thomas Cook planes, which are priced up to 164 euro. (read on below)