Another 07/01/20 Memo “German soldier”: the terrible manual for the German occupiers

Fought on the Eastern front, the Nazis, known to have been ruthless. War crimes of the Nazi regime on the occupied territory of the USSR sentenced at the Nuremberg trials. A telling evidence of the hatred of the Russian people, inculcated among the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, is “a Reminder of the German soldier.”


the text of the memo, retrieved by the red army in 1941 from a soldier’s brochure found death at Leningrad Gustav Cigala, was as follows:
“Remember the greatness and the victory of Germany. For your personal glory you need to kill exactly 100 the Russian. You have no heart or nerves – in the war they are not needed. Destroying a pity and compassion, kill every Russian; not stop – the old man in front of you, a woman, a girl or a boy. Kill! That you will save yourself from death, ensure the future of their family, and glorified forever.”
Excerpt from “address of the German command to the soldiers” with similar contents and a mention of Lieutenant Cigala from Frankfurt am main quoted Joseph Stalin in his speech at the parade in Moscow on 7 November 1941. However, the phrase about the murder of “exactly 100 Russian”, “father of Nations” somehow missed.

the confusion with the origin of the text

Russian Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, quoting the text of the memo in the book “Myths of the USSR. 1939-1945”, associates it with the pamphlet “Military training in the army,” which meet during the excavations of graves of soldiers of the Wehrmacht..
However, it is possible to assert with confidence that “the German soldiers” who received the name of the first author’s name, “Der Reibert”, does not contain the specified fragment. William Reibert continued to produce this Handbook (with variations for different types of troops), many years after the Second world war. It is unlikely that people calling for murders of Russian women and old people, could safely continue his career (his “Guide” in the modern version is still used in the Bundeswehr).

published in “Krasnaya Zvezda”

the Source text “Memo”, which may have used Stalin, is the publication in the newspaper “Red star”, released 29 October 1941. “Memo” appears along with other “instruments of bloodthirsty fascist bastards” – personal letters and diary entries of the character. It is noteworthy that the name of the Lieutenant, whom it was discovered, this message is passed as Sigel.
In his memoirs, the chief editor of “Krasnaya Zvezda” David Ortenberg gives details of the appearance of the text “Memo”. According to him, foreign correspondents asked for “Red star” to provide the memo, however, revealed that in the wording of the original. The text was transmitted by Telegraph correspondent Michael Counts, which, in turn, received it from the political Department of the 4th army of the Volkhov front.
However, the reporter, to track down which was not easy, the original document was not “in turmoil” during the retreat, according to Ortenberg, lost it in the 7th Department of the political Department.
However, Zunz believed that he met “Memo” is likely to spread to other enemy forces on the Volkhov.
– were hastily viewed the piles of captured documents in the regiments, divisions and army intelligence. And found, Yes not one but several such “Reminders”. Counts then flew with them to Moscow, and it was presented to foreign journalists, wrote Ortenberg.
Researcher Igor Petrov from this dramatic story concludes that the Memo “German soldier” is a falsification of Soviet war propaganda. The same view came to the historians of Germany. Like it or not, but the evidence of widespread dissemination “of the Memo” in the German army who fought on other fronts, does not exist. And modern scientists working in the archives, do not introduce German original in the scientific revolution.
Others come down to us the instructions of the Wehrmacht, for example, “the 10 commandments of the German soldier”, have fundamentally different content and call to fight “chivalrous”, without the “expressions of brutality”.

Timur Sagdiyev

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