31.03.22, Dahlem, Ukrainische Residenz, Berlin. Andrij Melnyk ist ein ukrainischer Jurist, Politiker und Diplomat. Seit dem 12. Januar 2015 ist er Botschafter der Ukraine in Deutschland. Melnyk, der fließend Deutsch und Englisch spricht, lebt mit seiner Frau Switlana Melnyk und seiner Tochter (10) und Sohn in Berlin. Seit dem Angriffskrieg Russlands auf die Ukraine ist ihr Leben komplett auf den Kopf gestellt. Seit drei Wochen haben die Melnyks Polizeischutz vor der Residenz. Das Tagesspiegel-Interview führten Claudia von Salzen und Georg Ismar.

Shortly before leaving Germany, former Ukrainian ambassador Andrij Melnyk offered Chancellor Scholz (SPD) an apology for the abusive remarks. Melnyk said on Tuesday on Bild TV that he had asked the Chancellery to speak to Scholz about his imminent departure from Germany. “If the chancellor were to receive me before leaving, I would apologize to him.”

He would apologize for calling the chancellor an “insulted liverwurst,” said Melnyk. The diplomat made this statement when Scholz initially refused to travel to Kyiv himself after Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier had been uninvited from Ukraine.

Melnyk assessed the prospects of a personal meeting with the chancellor as uncertain: “Let’s see, I hope so.”

The Ukrainian admitted to being offended by his appearance in Germany. “My main wish remains and is to strengthen relations with Germany, even if it didn’t always appear that way,” he asserted.

In a Twitter message on Tuesday, Melnyk attacked politicians from the Left Party as “Putin’s German accomplices”. To the left-wing MP Klaus Ernst “and all your left-wing friends like Wagenknecht

Melnyk referred to a tweet in which Klaus Ernst called him a “bully” and lamented that anyone who doesn’t take Ukraine’s stance is labeled as a partisan of Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi recalled Melnyk from the post of ambassador in Berlin in early July. After his return to Kyiv, Melnyk will continue to work in his country’s diplomatic service. He did not want to comment on Bild TV reports that he would become Deputy Foreign Minister. The government must decide that

In the conversation with Bild TV, Melnyk also asked for precision weapons, such as those used in the killing of al-Qaeda leader Aiman ​​al-Zawahiri in Kabul. “We Ukrainians also need the precision weapons that were used in Kabul,” said Melnyk. He hopes “that the Americans will equip us with similar weapons”.