Maybe it would be 35 degrees. Study the weather in Novosibirsk in July

next week, ends June — the first month of summer is not often indulged in the warmth of Novosibirsk. Edition NGS decided to see what will happen to the city in July. We looked at a few popular virtual weather service to check the weather forecast in the coming months.

According Gismeteo, beginning of July in Novosibirsk will be hot, as in the end of this week. In the middle of the month there will be a short cold — 14 th temperature drops to +17 degrees during the day, but the next day I once again will become warmer to +23 degrees. In General, the forecast Gismeteo, weather in July is expected to steadily warm, even hot. For example, the hottest day will be on 20 July, Monday — the temperature rises to 35 degrees. Rainy days will be a little — a total of about a week, but cloudy or variable cloudy — about half a month.