Maud Julien: how the child was doing super-woman

History 19/02/20 cosmo.HIMOD Julien: how the child was doing super-woman

Maud Julien seemed very ordinary woman, perhaps that is a bit closed. For many years she never revealed the secrets of his childhood, which her father turned into hell: he wanted to make a little daughter Superman.

the Child to experiment

October 23, 1957, 50-year-old Frenchman Louis Didier and his wife, 22-year-old Janine, a daughter. Family living in the North of France, was rather unusual: Louis, a respectable and wealthy man, married to his ward, the daughter of a poor miner.

Later it turned out that he was trying to conduct psychological experiments on it, but since the girl came to him for six years, and her personality was formed, decided to wait until she grows up and bear him a child.

Louis had dreamed that his daughter grew up not like. From the age of five Mod Didier deprived of free time: my father something he taught her, worked with her, supposedly trying to develop the capabilities of her brain. To Mod anything that was not distracted, he forbade her to leave the house. Friends the girl had, however, were domestic animals – two ponies, a dog and a duck. Communication with them is father considered useful to her.

In the compulsory program for the child was part of music lessons. While Louis was convinced that her daughter should learn to play on all available instruments. Took me the whole day, and the Mod was forbidden even to talk, yet her father didn’t allow it. Or rather, she was allowed to say “something clever”, but the girl did not know what the phrases will look “smart” and which are not. So often she was just silent.

his Wife did not dare anything to contradict Louis: she was afraid to anger her husband and patron, even called him not by name, but only: “Mr Didier”.


once the father noticed that the daughter is afraid of rodents. Twhen he locked her in a dark basement, barefoot and dressed only in pajamas. Louis forbade Mod to move and said she should meditate. He scared the girl, saying that it’s worth it to open your mouth, come through a mouse or a rat.

Fashion has been in the basement all night, trembling with fear. In the morning the mother took her. To relax the girl was not given, were immediately escorted to class. What happened, Louis called “test”. During the subsequent years he has not just “tested” daughter.

she was repeatedly forced to go down to the basement in a sweater with bells (to attract the rodents living there). Also she was forced to hold on to the wire through which was passed an electric current, required that for weeks she didn’t say a word, or took her food. Subsequently adult Mod wrote that in such moments mentally asked God for death.

Didier “cared” about physical endurance Mod. He constantly reduced the time that was given to the girl to sleep. She slept on a hard bed, the room barely heated. As for the food, no treats and delicacies the girl did not get because my father thought the deprivation of pleasure is important for the education of “superhuman” abilities.

She gave the simplest and tasteless food. Vitamins are also not supposed to: the body had to learn to cope with their shortage. Fruit, chocolate, even just fresh bread – all this girl never ate.

All that he got Mod, it was in limited quantities: it had the right to use not more than one square of toilet paper to wipe away the had to wear light clothes and shoes, which warms the body.

She was forbidden to wash with warm water and even sit on chairs with backs, as, in the opinion of the father, the child was required to keep myself in good shape. But she did gymnastics, fencing, swimming, knew how to ride.

When Maude was nine years old, his father began to teach her to alcohol. Louis believed that it increases endurance. Now each meal for lunch for the girls was accompanied by a glass of wine or whiskey.

Escape from hell

Over time, the girl has learned to deceive his father, for example, secretly take forbidden food or out at night from the window to the garden. When Maud had been raped by their gardener, she never told her parents because she was afraid of punishment.

At the age of 16 to the Mod for the first time invited a music teacher, as the father could not teach her. His name was Monsieur Malin. Realizing that happens in this family, the first teacher persuaded parents Mod to allow the girl to have at his house and then offered her a job at his music store.

the Mod met a guy named Richard Julien. At age 18 she married and moved to her husband. Six months later, the father demanded that she returned to the parental home, as he needs care. But the Mod ignored it.

Rehabilitation after family nightmare was long. Mod had to learn to communicate with others, dress, walk the streets, eat in the cafeteria. In addition, she developed health problems: alcoholic beverages destroyed her liver, and because of the malnutrition she had bad teeth.

at First she never told anyone about his childhood, and even her husband remained in the dark. Only after Louis Didier in 1981, has died, his daughter betrayed his story. She was educated and became a therapist, wanting to help people, just like herself, a survivor of trauma.

Now Mod Julien lives in Paris. She wrote the memoir “the Only girl in the world”. One copy of the Mod sent to my mother. TA, read the book, became very upset and stated that her daughter was wrong: even after her husband’s death, Janine was trying to justify it.

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