Martin Fourcade entered into a verbal argument with the Mail Tool

a few hours before the start of the biathlon world Championships sparked the conflict between the leader of the French team with Martin Fourcade and the celebrated Soviet biathlete, three-time Olympic champion Anfisa Tool. There was an exchange of pleasantries in the press.

In an interview with “Soviet sport” Anfisa Reztsova suggested that the achievements of Martin Fourcade and Norwegian biathletes associated with medical support. “Martin Fourcade is a great athlete, tremendous talent. But he still gets some medical support for the same can be said about the Norwegians”.

the Answer Fourcade was not slow itself to wait. The Frenchman proved to be quite insensitive against famous athletes. “I hope that not all former athletes are out of your mind as a tool,” wrote Martin on his page in the social network.