Science tells us that The Marsrover Curiosity rover has yet to even make their voices heard. And he did it (as usual), on the basis of a great selfie. The breathtaking picture to put together, had no less than 57 in the pictures.

The U.s. space agency, NASA, has, once again, in a selfie shared from Marsrover Curiosity, the unmanned aerial vehicle to the red planet to explore. In reality, it was the small robot, no less than 57 different photos, from which the selfie was then constructed.

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The robot (which, incidentally, is true for close to 1.8 billion worth of – wearing a small video camera on his arm, that he will be the numerous photos. Furthermore, he has a spear, and with a little chemistry set with it. With the drill, get powdery, the robot, the rock, on Mars, and then some of the samples in the cups, put. That glasses keep to the Marsrover, in his ‘womb’ or in the laboratory. In this context, he has as many as 74 samples along with it.
Particular experiment

it’s the last one (of nine) samples of the Marsrover made have been extra special. The holes he drilled were in Glen Etive 1 and 2, named after the region in which the robot and its experiment is performed. At the very moment, a selfie taken.

At the top, to the left of the robot, the two small holes to see Glen Etive 1 and 2. Moreover, it is also to be seen, where the robot is. About 300 yards behind the Marsrover is on Vera Rubin, Ridge, where he’s almost a year since he left. Some of the Gale Crater, the spot where the adventure will be for the Marsrover, in 2012, it began.

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