Maria Biden: the most dangerous

Heroes 24/11/19 Maria Biden: the most dangerous “Rukodelnitsa” red Army

“In fight with enemy machine gun killed 15 soldiers and one officer, four soldiers killed with a rifle, repelled the Germans, the commander and eight men, captured a machine gun and the rifles of the enemy” — so briefly and dryly described a major feat Maria Baida in the premium sheet. But a simple native of the New Crimean village of Chuvash famous not only this: being a combat medic, she pulled out the bullets and saved from certain death dozens of soldiers and commanders of the red army.

Of the orderlies in the scouts

Before the war, Mary worked in the hospital, and from the first days of the German attack went to the front as a volunteer. There she was first a nurse and an orderly got the rank of Sergeant, participated in the heroic defense of Sevastopol. It was then that the girl had a desire to become a scout, and not just to save the lives of our soldiers, but also openly to fight the enemy, destroying it to the best of my modest forces and possibilities.

Mary fought quite successfully, repeatedly go to the front line and led the “languages”. June 7, 1942, when the Germans launched another assault on Sevastopol, reconnaissance, which served as a canoe, was thrown into battle. We had to fight the shortage of ammunition. The girl did not just left the trench to pick up weapons from dead enemies. In one of these attacks she was injured and a concussion grenade exploded nearby.

15 soldiers and one officer

Came to Mary in the evening, when the Germans had already broken through the perimeter reconnaissance section of the front. She and 9 soldiers from her platoon were taken prisoner, all wounded or shell-shocked. Instantly assessing the situation, Mary took the only right decision, he picked up lying beside the machine. Several enemy soldiers were cut on the spot a long queue.

Caught by surprise, the Germans did not realize that they were attacked, wounded and shell-shocked girl and tried to save flee, believing that they were attacked by superior enemy forces. When the cartridges run out, Maria, catching the gun as a club, have joined the melee. The fight, which lasted but a few moments, ended unconditional victory of the young scout. Lay on the ground 15 soldiers and one officer of the enemy, and the prisoners led by Canoe went to his.

the Further way of fighting

For this feat she was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. She learned about it she, being in a hospital bed. But to heal was gone and ran to the front. Really fight she had a short time – in early July the city fell, and Mary was captured. Almost three years lasted her ordeal in the camps. Freed was a girl until the eve of the Victory Day.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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