Maria Baida: the best

Heroes 16/12/19 Maria Baida: the best “Rukodelnitsa” great Patriotic

In the midst of the fighting for Sevastopol scout Mariya Karpovna Bayda his desperate attack rescued from captivity 9 wounded Soviet soldiers. In this battle Russian girl personally killed 15 German soldiers and four of them in the melee scored with a rifle butt. After nightfall Maria carried wounded comrades through a minefield.

From nurses and scouts

a Native of Crimea 20-year-old Maria canoe from the first days of the war volunteered in a fighter battalion. In autumn 1941 she was a nurse, and later a medic, but during the defense of the Crimea from advancing German units girl asked for a transfer to intelligence.

After the war, Maria Karpovna recalled: I saw so much blood and suffering that I just have a hardened heart…! It’s the decision to leave the medical work to the system. Strength and agility I had. Shoot I only knew how. Could move unnoticed and silently, to navigate freely through the countryside — quite often, searching for the wounded had to crawl through no-man’s strip, a few dozen meters from the German trenches…”. As men-scouts, the girl went into the German positions, engaged in the exploration and search for “languages”.

a Desperate attack

on 7 June 1942 the forces of the Wehrmacht in the third time I went to attack Sevastopol. On this day the subdivision of Mary, released from specific tasks, directed on defence positions in the area Mikenzievy mountains. Before the battle, the girl received a shrapnel wound in the arm and head, but escaped from the hospital to fight next to his comrades.

In this battle, she excelled desperate bravery, and even jumped out of the trench to get the weapons and take ammo from dead Germans. During the next attack of the enemy, with Mary grenade exploded, which she lost consciousness. Scout woke up in the evening with a concussion and another bleeding wound on his head.

Assessing the situation she realized that the Germans broke through the defenses and crawled away from the position. Near Mary saw two dozen Nazis and taken prisoner wounded of the red army. The girl picked up the gun, and opened fire on the crowd in a bunch of Germans. The wounded scouts also rushed to the stunned enemy, and then ensued a melee.

Subsequently, the comrades argued that Maria personally killed 14 German soldiers and one officer. Four opponents she’s beaten with a rifle butt during combat. When the Germans broke the canoe, who knew of the scheme minefields brought companions to his.

the Prisoner and the wounding

20 Jun 1942, senior master Sergeant Biden received a Hero of the Soviet Union, order of Lenin and “Gold Star”. This news she received while in the hospital, Inkerman placed in the tunnel. July 12, 1942, the scout fell into German captivity, while in the camp of Bakhchisarai, the girl had planned the escape, but was issued to the Germans.

the Scout went through several concentration camps and in the winter of 1945, re-entered the underground group and again was caught by the Germans. 4 months Maria Karpovna was in the Gestapo and was released on 8 may 1945. After the war, Maria Baida worked as the head of the registry office of Sevastopol.

Alexander Brazhnik

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