Thomas Cook’s end Of the heavens to the end, as it seems to be going for, Marc, (62) and For (57) from the Countryside, who are stuck in their hotel in Germany. “First of all, everything is in order,” as they say. “Our flight was cancelled. But we got our rooms and were able to continue to enjoy the property.” But this afternoon, it turned out that they are out of their room and had to go. “Suddenly, we’re standing around on the street,” says Chantal. “You don’t know where we will be staying in the future.”

Marc Chantal booked their holiday with Neckermann. After they had left, already on the 17th of september, in our country, to Zarzis, a coastal town in the south-east of France. They are staying in the hotel Odyssee Resort & Thalasso’. Their vacation was great, until last night, a letter arrived.“It read that due to the failissement by Thomas Cook, our flight back to Belgium this morning, at 8.45 pm is scheduled in this club, couldn’t continue,” says Chantal.In addition to the torque from the Countryside, residing for many Belgians in the same hotel, all of which are in the same situation.

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this Morning, they all came together in the lobby. As a Veteran tour guide for Thomas Cook, arrived at the scene. “He told me that he might have a job to lose, so he really didn’t have to, but in his humanity, however, was to come to pass. But he didn’t have a lot of news. There would have to be someone from the embassy to take care of our own.” The Belgians were in their rooms, which were free, as a way to the hotel, and was gone.

“Then everything is in order,” says Chantal. “It seemed like the holidays just would take longer.” The atmosphere was good, nobody was worried. But in the afternoon, and was followed by a serious downer.