21.07.2022, Berlin: Bundestagspräsidentin Bärbel Bas (SPD, l) und Toni Garrn, Model, nehmen an der Veranstaltung «Frauen 100» auf der Dachterrasse des Hotel de Rome teil. Bei dem Treffen von «Frauen 100» geht es um gesellschaftlich relevante Themen aus Sicht von Frauen. Foto: Christoph Soeder/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Top model Toni Garrn hosted a very special children’s birthday party. A year ago, agency bosses Janina Hell and Felicitas Karrer founded the “Women 100” initiative at the Hotel de Rome. It was about rolling up feminism in a different way, showing it from its successful and beautiful side and pushing it forward at a high level.

The gathering that gathered on the roof of the Hotel de Rome showed that it pays to think bigger. In addition to prominent women such as the moderators Annika Lau and Bettina Cramer, art collector Julia Stoschek, politician Sawsan Chebli and influencer Marie von den Benken, successful doctors and entrepreneurs also came to hear sophisticated keynote speeches.

Bärbel Bas quoted Simone de Beauvoir, according to which women who don’t ask for anything are taken at their word and don’t get anything either. “We still have a lot to do to achieve equality,” said the President of the Bundestag, who is only the third woman in this position since 1949.

She also addressed a fundamental weakness: “Many women tend to question themselves far too much.” Her remedy: “Use the opportunities that are offered to you.” And she also added a justified warning to her impulses: ” Stick together on social media!” The fact that women are often more critical of one another than men are of one another is a well-known weakness.

Actress Katja Riemann gave a committed speech on women’s self-determination over their own bodies: “You can’t prevent abortion. You can only prevent safe abortion.” When freedom and democracy are threatened, it always starts with women. She already sees “the women’s warning app glowing red” and spoke out in favor of more education, among other things.

Olympic champion Kristina Vogel spoke from the wheelchair. She knows how to deal with crises. After the serious accident, she felt “like a broken little bird”. At first she didn’t recognize her body, but later saw herself in front of the mirror: “I’m still me. Just different”. You never lost yourself.

In the golden sequined suit, the long-time competitive athlete was glamorous. Other women had chosen long, brightly colored silk dresses. It was also a show of chic outfits. The times when feminists went in sackcloth and ashes are long gone in this initiative. Neither beauty nor taste nor pregnancy needs to be hidden. The evening turned into a celebration of female strengths.

This may include tears. The Ukrainian artist Lilya had to struggle with them again and again when she talked about the traumatic experiences at home before her performance. Again and again there was encouraging applause. And for the songs later anyway.