The belgian Football team KV Kortrijk has reached today an agreement for the 17-year-old Malay Hakim Luqman. And that is the Twitter account of the club known about it. Thousands of Malaysians swept away on the account of the CHAMBER of commerce. Luqman is not the first time that a shock wave is created on social media by his new club. She went to him as before:

Guillermo Ochoa (Default)

Facebook: 2.500.000).

Twitter: To 2,900,000.

Instagram: 2.200.000

in the Meantime, he has returned to Mexico, and he will be playing at Home. But Guillermo Ochoa (34), which brought with it a wave of voetbalgekte about it on social media, it, Standard. Then it’s easy to the Standard, in 2017, the Rouches, a pack of followers, at: 20,000 up on Facebook, 25,000 of them on Twitter, and about 4,000 on Instagram. In addition, there’s even a Spanish-language accounts, is of a Standard will be created, so that the Mexican soccer fans, their national goalkeeper is still better to be able to follow.