Halloween is this weekend and children are getting ready to go trick-or-treating.

This is the weekend to get dressed up, have some fun and grab some candy.

This year, trick-or-treaters are looking forward to a more normal Halloween.

Laura Leighton, a Portland resident, said that she took the day off work and was ready to go.

Liz Prince celebrates this day with homemade decorations and annual traditions in her Portland neighborhood.

Prince explained that he moved the fire pit from his backyard to the front yard. Some friends will sit outside and enjoy the view of the street.

She is looking forward to a more regular holiday this year.

Prince stated, “My favorite thing about seeing all the yards lit up with the children running the streets,”

The Portland Police Department hosted their annual trunk-or-treat and reminded everyone to be extra safe during the trick-or-treat hours.

Coreena Behnke, Portland Police Department Youth Services Officer, stated that “Be aware of people who aren’t necessarily using crossingwalks and might enter the street wearing darker clothes than usual.”

You should slow down if you are driving at that time.

Prince stated that the Portland Police Department “keeps a close eye on it, especially those neighborhoods with more children.” “So we don’t really need to worry about that.”