Denderleeuw At the lock-in Denderleeuw two magneetvissers from Brussels this afternoon, one shell out of the water. Two people were there in the afternoon, began with a magneetvissen, and got it after a while, the shell on the top. Immediately, the police will be notified, and came to DOVO later in the afternoon, in order for the bomb to be removed. The police have a pv since it is illegal to do so and because they want to warn you. “People often don’t know what they’re digging up, and what it can bring,” according to the commissioner’s on-the-spot.

It was shortly after 12: 00 p.m. Jimmy Duarte, and David Pieraerts a bite of the locks in Denderleeuw. When they catch up got, they were greatly shocked. They placed the bomb along the embankment. Also, the lock keeper came out right on the spot and called the police. It schermden place with a ribbon, and called DOVO, which is around 14: 30, on-the-spot, came to the bomb, bring it to the town of Leuven. It’s going to be a Shell of German manufacture from the first world War. The a-bomb had been around for a diameter of 10 cm.