Mechelen, Starting in november, it’s been done with the overtaking of cyclists in the Famous old town. From then on, it is a great fietszone. All 179 of the roads, the roads will be at that point bicycle street. Cyclists are allowed the full width of the road use for car drivers to keep them.

The fietszone is a new concept. It is only since the 1st of July, in the highway code. The areas from the bicycle street in existence. Kortrijk has all of the following Year. “The fietszone to give us a clear signal that the rider will determine in our town, the size of the movement, said the ships Mobility, Alexander Vandersmissen (Open Vld).

According to the politician, it is the decision to make the fietszone of the country to be the logical thing to do. “Cycling is becoming right. Cyclists are now the main users of our streets.”


bicycle street, there are becoming more. Today, there are in the city, there are five years old. The Hoogstraat (high street) was the first, followed by the Goswin de Stassartstraat, the French Halsvest the Keldermansvest the Old Putsebaan, in co-operation with the Bonheiden). “It’s an interesting product for cyclists a lot of space in the city, so that more people may be tempted to make more frequent use of the bicycle without the city, heraanleggen,” says the vessels of public Works, Patrick Princen (Green).
November –

it has been introduced in the month of november. “In October, we will post all the stop signs, which still has a while to be addressed. The top of the main access roads will be banners to hang up. There will also be painted on the road surface, but it should not be too cold and dry,” explains Princen and out.