Lydia Perelygino: the fate of the civilian wife of Stalin

History 18/01/20 Perelygina Lydia: the fate of the civilian Stalin’s wife

On the last link of Stalin, he was serving in the Turukhansk region, still there are a variety of legends. One of the most interesting pages of the biography of the leader of this period was his cohabitation with Lydia Pereprygivaya. According to some reports, Perelygina even had exiled Dzhugashvili two children. Despite this fact, the former civil wife has never met.

Introduction in Kureyka

the last reference to Joseph Dzhugashvili became the North-Eastern region of Siberia. According to Simon Sebag-Montefiore, author of “Stalin: the Courtyard of the red monarch”, fearing another escape of the convict, the authorities decided to place it in one of the most remote parts of the region the village of Kureyka. Despite the fact that in letters to Olga and Sergey Alliluev Stalin complained that in Kureyka he’s going crazy from boredom, this period was one of the happiest in the life of the leader. Until the end of his life Stalin talked of hunting in the Siberian taiga. But on his then passion he preferred not to speak.

meanwhile, Stalin had cohabited with Lydia Pereprygivaya more than a year. How to write Sergey Devyatov and Yuri Sigachyov in his book “Stalin: side view” with reference to B. S. Ilizarov, five brothers and two sisters Perelygina were orphaned. Perhaps for this reason, their building often organized gatherings, which were attended by Stalin. By the time the future leader of the country was already a widow, so it is not obstructed start a new romance. That’s only the girlfriends, Joseph chose not an adult woman and 14-year-old Lydia Perelygino. It is clear that the relationship between a teenage girl and a 36-year-old man could not remain unnoticed.

a Failed marriage and two children

about the sexual abuse of minors Pereprygivaya Stalin summoned a gendarme pon the surname Laletin. At least, that such data are provided in the book by Boris Sokolov “Joseph Stalin – a ruthless Creator.” Sokolov in turn relies on the report of the Chairman of the KGB Ivan Serov. According to Serova, the Laletin has threatened to Joseph Dzhugashvili criminal prosecution, and the latter promised to marry Lydia at Pereprygivaya when she reaches the appropriate age. However, your words of Stalin, as we know, did not keep: he left Kureyka and more with Pereprygivaya not met.

During the cohabitation with Dzhugashvili Lydia Perelygina managed to give birth to children. This fact is mentioned in his historical-biographical reference book “Around Stalin” Valery am and Alex Leontyuk. The first-born spouses died shortly after birth and, apparently, didn’t even manage to get a name. A second son, born in April of 1917, Perelygina called Alexander and recorded it in the name of Dzhugashvili.

the Further fate of Pereprygivaya and her son

according to Donald Rayfield was the author of the publication “Stalin and his henchmen” Lydia Perelygina was in the position, when Stalin was in December 1916 he left Kureyka. Alexander Ostrovsky in his book “Who stood behind Stalin?” writes that the leader twice asked Perelygino to give him a child, but the girl from offering ex-lover refused. However, Perelygina long been one: in the 1920-ies she married farmer Jacob Davydov. Davydov was immediately adopted by Alexander and gave him his name. Subsequently, the couple had another 8 children.

apparently, Lydia Perelygina subsequently lost her husband. At least in the book by Boris Ilizarov, “Joseph Stalin in the masks and the masked man, the leader, the scientist” there is evidence that in the early 1950-ies as a widow she complained that she did not give benefits for large families. It is unknown what happened to the other kids in Perelygino, but according to Alexander Kolesnik, author of the book “Chronicle of family life Stalin” Dzhugashvili Alexander Davydov graduated from Krasnoyarsk College of communication, participated in the great Patriotic war, and after the victory he worked as a foreman. He died in the 1960-ies and never claimed a kinship to the chief.

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