The series A and Romelu Lukaku, the Italian, and after a month and a half, when Inter are already at the bottom of the knee. I have to admit, in the rush hour last night after his first Milan derby, in which he tap out to investigate. It makes you think of Thibaut Courtois, and after a couple of weeks for the Trophy is already fluent in it, in the country. Lukaku is speaking up to seven languages.

Lukaku did so well after the match is showing at the San Siro. The topschutter of all time, the Red Devils had the Italian press to talk in fluent Italian. How did a ‘Big Drop ” in the language here? However, in his introduction, he made Lukaku the obvious to his team mates he wants the Italian to be spoken to. The Italian sat-tv, that he had been in the match from his brother, Jordan, at Rome, to follow it, he had all of the concepts have been picked up. As a manager, Federico Pastorello, in its master plan, ontrolde to get him to go to Inter and Conte to bring intensifieerde he has been on this site.

In may, could Lukaku be the first sentences. In June, he was bothered by the vocabulary limitations, but the vocabulary that he has substantially expanded. The linguists can be, with everyone in person, as he is already fluent in English, Dutch, French, English, Lingala, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch could do it.“The language is very important to me,” he said. “It is critical that the team mates of me are perfectly understood. How do I get the ball. Where I get the ball. For the most promising young players. In behind the defence. The vulnerabilities are located in each and every language is different, but I am sure that I will find the right words to teach you.”