Luge Alexander Denisov and Vladislav Antonov are the world Champions in the sprint twos

In held in Sochi, the world Cup Luge awarded the first medal. Russians Alexander Denisov and Vladislav Antonov became Champions in the sprint in the competition of pairs.

Alexander and Vladislav showed the result of 31,281, ahead by 0,045 seconds of Italians Emanuele Reader and Simon Calcualter. The third result, Germans Tobias, Wendla and Tobias Arlt. Vsevolod Kashkin and Konstantin Korshunov took fifth place. In sixth place, Vladislav Yuzhakov and Yuri Prokhorov .

Sprint deuces is a new discipline in the programme of the world Championships, included in 2016. Gold tasted Denisyev and Antonov became the first in the history of the Russian Luge won the sprint of the duets.