Losing seven minutes. Russian hockey players started poorly at Swedish games

Launched the third stage of the hockey Euro tour – Swedish games. In a match made in Helsinki, the Finnish national team defeated the Russian team with the result 3:0.

the fate of the match was decided in its first minute. Already at 32 seconds in goal against Russia after a throw Teemo of Pulkkinen. Then the puck dropped two of Julius – Nattinen and Until threw the puck Timur Belyalov. By the seventh minute, the Finns were 3:0.

After the third goal the head coach of Russian national team Alexei Kudashov, who now helps coach a youth team Valery Bragin, was replaced by the goalkeeper. Alexander Samonov has been more fortunate than his colleague. He never missed a single washer. But our team is not abandoned. Three goals conceded in seven minutes turned defeat our team.