Subject: Amerikanische und ukrainische Musiker treffen sich in einem deutschen Stadion Mit Rosinenbomber fuer Elisabeth Binder

Making music together and making friends at the same time: That was the idea behind an initiative by the US Embassy, ​​which brought together 17 young Ukrainian musicians who have fled the country with the talents of the National Youth Orchestra, who came to Berlin from the USA for the Young Euro Classics .

Very close to the raisin bomber on the traditional Tempelhofer Flugfeld there is first a joint rehearsal, then a joint concert. It originally came about through the mediation of the diversely committed founder of the “Diplomatic Choir of Berlin”, Barbara Leifer.

The violinist Volodymir Corda, who has given more than 1200 concerts worldwide as a soloist, conductor and concertmaster, will also be there. He was actually supposed to be performing in Kyiv these days. But the war prevented him, like millions of other Ukrainians, from pursuing his plans.

He praises the commitment of Barabara Leifer and the diplomatic choir, which integrates musicians from various Ukrainian cities. “We regularly give concerts in front of different audiences. I really hope that these events – just like today’s meeting – will help people return to peaceful life.”

Founded in 2013, the “Diplomatic Choir of Berlin” is a musical group of diplomats and non-diplomatic singers who come from all over the world to give concerts. In 2022, Ukrainian artists are particularly numerous. The national youth orchestra of the United States was established in 2012 founded by the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Works by Ukrainian composer Miroslav Skorik and American composer Jessie Montgomery will be performed, among others. Together the musicians play clearly, sensitively and nuanced.

Oleg Yanushkevich from the Cherson Philharmonic Orchestra and the contemporary music group “City Without Sleep” also came to the Tempelhof airfield. He has lived in Berlin since March. “Projects like this help us to fulfill ourselves as professionals, to feel needed and useful,” he says. “In this way we can contribute to mutual understanding and draw attention to the terrible situation in Ukraine.

He got the impression that the American musicians could offer a slightly more demanding performance than his compatriots. “But we were up to the task, found common ground easily and played as a group,” he adds. “Music is a powerful tool to bring people together. And we want people not to fight, but to live in peace and harmony.”