Hundreds of tourists take the opportunity to get to Uluru, a world-famous red-rock formations in Australia, to be with him. As of Saturday, to apply a permanent ban to the climbers. That is, it is set up, after a dozen years of struggle of the indigenous people in order to be able to make it.

The Anagu people consider the rock a sacred place, and the reason is that it’s been around since 1985 and is a klimverbod are trying to accomplish. “The climb is a violation of Nature and the rights of Aboriginal people,” says a spokesman for the Anagu.

Uluru is 340 metres high and it is on the world heritage list of the UNESCO world heritage list. The rock, which used to be Ayers Rock (uluru) was named, in spite of the remote location of Alice Springs in central Australia is a popular tourist destination. In the morning, there was already a long queue of people waiting to get in the rock of the mountain. The climb is made more difficult by strong gusts of wind.