Loginov: searches - this is a request from IBU. Some distrust, we need exactly six in the morning

Russian biathlete Alexander Loginov commented on the searches of his hotel room in the Italian city Antholz. On Saturday morning, a few hours before the relay at the world Championships, the Russians, the police came.

“Woke up with Garanichev after we’ve been broken into. They opened the door, took arms and were asked to sit still in his underpants, — says Loginov, quoted Спортбокс.Ru. We watched as the went through my things they were interested in. We checked brought their documents. This was a request from IBU. Some distrust.”

“IBU it had exactly six in the morning. My computer personal belongings and took the phone. The phone really hurts, it’s personal. In 2020 it is vital. I don’t mind if it checked out, something copied, but to take…They showed nothing. All this is very very frustrating”.

we will Remind that earlier it became known that the searches took place not only in the room Loginova, was checked and his personal car. The police raided the hotel room on the day of participation of Russian athletes in the relay of the biathlon world Championships.