The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, has, this morning, early, to New York and back to London, went after the Supreme court yesterday ruled that it is the parliament in breach of the law had been suspended. Johnson, who was in New York for the UN summit, is now making its presence felt in a strained House of Commons. In the house of Commons today for the first time together, with no sight of an end to the deep political and economic crisis in the United Kingdom about the brexit. In the stream you can of the events in the parliament closely.

The house of Commons, shortly after 12: 30 p.m. and officially declared open by the chairman, John Bercow,a day after the Supreme court ruled that the suspension of the parliament by the Johnson onwetttig had been considered.

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Since the suspension, because of the judgment from the legal point has never been decided Bercow right to make any reference to the ‘prorogation’ of the parliamentary record to be deleted. With a lot of cheers from the parliamentary benches as a result. And so it was that the tone set in the house of Commons continues to struggle to compete with the government-that Johnson, who, to her parliamentary majority and for the past few weeks is lost.

Johnson himself will be at 17 hours in the house of Commons, is expected to make a statement about the brexit. Also, in the event of bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, and the subsidies, which Johnson, in the past, that would have been payable to his girlfriend, Jennifer, Arcuri will be discussed in the parliament.
lack of clarity

It is still unclear as to what is going to happen. Johnson yesterday for the recall of a number of political opponents to step down, city council is already committed to the Uk on the 31st of October, the European Union, which will have a exitovereenkomst. The majority of British members of parliament are committed to a no-dealbrexit scenario to occur.