Sahra Wagenknecht, damals Fraktionsvorsitzende der Partei Die Linke, steht im Bundestag am Rande eines dpa-Interviews. Wagenknecht, bekommt nach eigener Aussage positive Rückmeldungen auf ihr viel diskutiertes neues Buch. (zu dpa: «Wagenknecht: «bissige» und positive Reaktionen auf neues Buch») +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The federal manager of the left, Tobias Bank, warns the prominent members of the Bundestag Sahra Wagenknecht and Klaus Ernst to exercise restraint on the subject of Russia. He expects “that they will respect the decisions of the federal party congress and refrain from contradicting statements,” Bank told the “Spiegel” according to a report on Sunday.

Wagenknecht and Ernst had repeatedly criticized the sanctions against Russia as a result of the attack on Ukraine. A few days ago, Wagenknecht wrote on Twitter that there was a “crazy war against Russia”. Only the next day did she add that the “conflict” had been triggered by “Russia’s war of aggression in violation of international law”.

Wagenknecht’s statement about the “war against Russia” was the opinion of a single member, Bank said. “As federal manager, I remind all party members, sometimes offensively and sharply, of our decisions.” Both Wagenknecht and Ernst are “very open to factual arguments,” he said with conviction.

The left chairman Martin Schirdewan also referred to the party congress resolutions in the ARD summer interview. If some members hold different opinions, it is ultimately a “reflection of the discussion in society”.

Wagenknecht’s first statement on Twitter was “wrong”, but the politician then corrected herself, stressed Schirdewan. A renewed party exclusion process against Wagenknecht is not an issue. The Linke boss nevertheless warned to act more carefully. He doesn’t like that “we sometimes overshoot the mark in this Twitter excitement.”

Schirdewan and Bank were elected at the Federal Party Congress of the Left in Erfurt at the end of June. At the meeting of delegates, after a controversial debate, a leading motion was also passed that condemned the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and accused Moscow of “imperialist policies”.