Linge: what became the personal servant of Hitler

Biography 05/02/20 Linge: what became the personal servant of Hitler

Heinz Linge was the only person who was allowed to Wake Hitler and serve him Breakfast in bed. The Fuhrer fully trust your Valet, even after death. No wonder the Ling was one of those who dealt with the cremation of the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun. Despite this unique role Linge played in the life of the Nazi leader, he was in jail for only 10 years.

the Personal servant of the Fuhrer

As he wrote himself Ling in his book “With Hitler to the end: the memoirs of the Valet of Adolf Hitler”, at first, his life differed little from the lives of ordinary German citizens. He was born in 1913 in Bremen. After school, had worked as a simple Mason. However, in 1933 he joined the SS, which was selected for the position of personal Valet to Hitler. From this moment, Ling was serving the Fuhrer, when he was in the Reich Chancellery in Berlin or its main rate “the Wolf den”, which was located close to Rastenburg.

In subsequent years, every day Heinz Linge was similar to the previous one. In the morning, writes journalist Alexander Tavrovsky in the book “Herr wolf”, the Valet welcomed still lying in the bed of the führer with the words: “Good morning, Mein führer! The time has come!” After that Ling, they run to the bedroom Hitler serving table. Despite the fact that the duties of the personal servants was simple thanks to Heinz became known some details of the life of the leader of Germany. So, Alexander Klinge’s book, “100 myths about Hitler” mentions that, according to Linge, Hitler always read with glasses, but never show them in public.

Suicide and cremation

no prizes for guessing that the man Adolf Hitler saw first thing every morning, had to use the special confidence of the Fuhrer. As was later told by the adjutant of Hitler, major Otto Herr günsche, the testimony of catorogo given in the book of Grigoriy Kiselyov “the Inconvenient truth about the capture of the Reichstag. Search, research, reconstruction”, namely Heinz Linge first notified of the death of the leader of the Nazis. “The führer is dead,” said the Valet, after which Herr günsche gave this news to his superiors. Shortly before Hitler announced his last wish: he wanted to suicide after his body was burned. The Fuhrer was a nasty idea that his body will show on the exhibition.

by doing the will of Hitler and began to Heinz Linge. It was he, according to Vadim Ilyin, the author of the book “the Mystery of death of great men”, along with several other Nazis had taken from the vault in the back door wrapped in an army blanket, the body of Adolf Hitler. Otto Herr günsche and obersturmbahnfuehrer of Kempka identified the führer’s trousers. Then the corpses of Hitler and his wife Eva Braun were put in a funnel formed by the explosion of a shell, doused with gasoline and set on fire. In this kind of cremation Ling also took a direct part. It is not surprising that the testimonies of the servants of the führer was one of the most important in clarifying the circumstances of the death of the main Nazi.

In captivity and at large

Information about what he saw in the bunker Heinz Linge shared with investigators the Soviet military intelligence SMERSH in may 1945, after having been taken prisoner by the soldiers of the red Army. Mikhail Leshchinsky Ada Petrova and in the book “Where did Hitler or military secrets of the XX century”, with reference to archival documents tell us that the Ling claimed that when he entered the office of the Fuhrer, he was already dead and Eva Braun. Both were in a sitting position, and two guns were lying on the floor. However, due to the fact that the bodies were burned, investigators remain confident that Heinz Linge and Otto Herr günsche’re hiding something, and demanded the Nazis to admit, where in fact missing Adolf Hitler. The investigation dragged on for 5 years.

in 1950 the Ling were read sentence – 25 years imprisonment. However, as noted in his book “Until the Final Hour: Hitler’s Last Secretary” (“To the last hour: the last Secretary of Hitler”), one of the secretaries of the führer of Traudl Junge, Linge was in places not so remote, only a total of 10 years. In 1955 he was released and returned home. In the last years of his life the former Valet of Hitler was engaged in writing his memoirs, which were published both in German and in English. However, it happened after the death of Heinz Linge, who died in Hamburg in 1980.

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