Living room. There’s going to be more and more attention is paid to lifelong living. And rightly so, because we don’t want all of them for as long as possible independently at home? The extent to which it succeeds will depend, to a large extent, depending on how your house and garden, built up, organized and decorated. The NAV (Network Architect, Vlaanderen, belgium) will give 16 golden tips for you.

1. I have to choose a plot of land or a house’s attention to the presence of public transport services, public functions (city hall, library,…), shops, bars and restaurants.

2. Organize the spaces in such a way that they will later have a new feature to be able to get it. An office, a bedroom, a storage room, a bathroom, and … don’t Forget the wachtleidingen not.

3. To use as it is light, movable partitions. That will give the flexibility necessary for adaptation of the home.

4. Make sure that the doors of 93 cm, and in the course (100 cm) wide enough to do so. Please note that the freedom of movement between the various pieces of furniture.

5. To avoid differences in level, inside and out. A threshold of less than 2 cm, it may be enough to get the rain out and to keep it.

6. A garage or carport should be 3m60 wide for easy on and off.

a 7. Provide plenty of opportunities for the automation, electric gate, home automation, light sensors around the home.

8. Insert the plugs, or at least a few good bedieningshoogte: it should be between 90 and 120 cm) compared to that of the vloerpas.