The Berlin police officer, on whose car left-wing extremists allegedly carried out an arson attack, is no longer an investigator at the State Criminal Police Office (LKA), contrary to what the perpetrators assumed. A police spokesman told the Tagesspiegel. Accordingly, the woman has not been an investigator in the state security department of the LKA for a year.

The arson attack on the 53-year-old police officer’s private car was carried out on Tuesday night – in Brandenburg, just outside the city limits. In a letter of confession that was published on the Internet, the perpetrators comment on the arson attack. Accordingly, they scouted the official extensively, spied on her private address and her everyday habits.

The perpetrators also threaten to use other means. They would have limited themselves to “causing property damage to their car”, even “if we know their exact address and could have hit them physically and more directly”. This is how it can be read in the letter of confession, in which the full name and private address of the police officer were also published.

The perpetrators apparently assumed that the woman would continue to work for the state security service of the LKA clerk in the “politically motivated crime – left” department. It was only in March that she testified as a witness in a trial of riots at a left-wing demonstration related to the partially occupied house at Rigaer Strasse 94 in 2016.

But the officer has been promoted, for a year she has been working in one of the LKA’s management staffs and no longer investigates herself. In addition, during her LKA career, she had not only investigated left-wing extremists, but also right-wing extremists, as can be heard from the police .

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“Nevertheless, attempts are made to intimidate and threaten them here,” police chief Barbara Slowik told RBB. “Such a left-wing extremist attack on a colleague is unbearable.” Not only the crime as such corresponds to a well-known pattern, said Slowik, but also the publication of the woman’s name and address. Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) spoke of an “attack on our democracy”.

In their letter of confession, the perpetrators threatened to take further action. The actions of those responsible for “the repressive apparatus” demand consequences. They – the perpetrators – could enforce this “with the means we have chosen”. They would have thousands of police officers “more in view than they would probably like”. They would have to reckon with “that we will also come to them”.